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Was founded in November, 2018, covering an area of 196 mu; Registered address: No. 6399, East Tianqu Road, Dezhou; The registered capital is 260million yuan; Main business: Focus on the research and development, production, construction, and sales service of high-end new geosynthetics.
The company has the world leading production line of polypropylene filament geotextile, domestic advanced staple fiber needle punched geotextile production, line, high density polyethylene geomembrane production line, composite geomembrane and composite geotextile production line. Polypropylene filament geotextile adopts the latest developed process equipment production line of Oeriikon and OBA company in Germany. The product is acid resistant, alkali resistant and corrosion resistant, which solves the problem of short service life of conventional products and of the adverse impact on engineering safety and environmental pollution after degradation. The world‘ s first 6.5m wide products enable the more convenient construction, the higher efficiency and great reduction of the usage cost.
Innovative can produce high quality standard products of multiple weight and thickness. With the large range of fiber denier and high strength, the single fiber products overall mechanical properties are gready improved.
The products are widely used in the construction, of major civil military engineering such as higjiway, railway, airport, port, tunnel, rail transit, water conservancy and hydropower, sponge City, national defense construction, garbage landfill, frozen soil area and soil restoration. It has broken the industry monopoly of international giants on the global high-end Nonwovens Market, replaced the same kind of imported products, and LED the transformation and upgrading of our synthetic materials to the high-end ones of durability, safety and environmental protection.

The enterprise has passed the three system certification in quality, environment and occupational health, including CRCC certification, the secondary waterproof and Level 3 environmental protection qualification.

Innovative company is the Director Unit of “China Industrial Textile Industry Association", “China Association of Geotechnical Engineering", and the Member Unit of "China Manufecturing Think Tank and won the honorary tides such as “Excellent Chinese Enterprises” in 2019 and “Top 50 Innovative rapid Growth Enterprises in Dezhou”.

According to the enterprise planning, by 2024, the production capacity of the production line of polypropylene filament geotextile will reach 50000 tons, and the annual sales output value can be RMB 2 billion yuan after reaching the design production. In die future, Innovative will focus on building a comprehensive industrial pattern of high-end geosyntheti. Es and building a national leading enterprise with high social responsibility.
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Shandong Innovative Material Technology Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacture of Geosynthetic materail which the registered capital is 260million RMB ,
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